Monday, September 17, 2012

We Are Almost There!

Yes, it's true! After all these weeks, months, and days of endless waiting we are finally at the end of our whole adoption process! We were informed today that our i600 was just approved and that the only thing we are waiting on now is Ida's visa! In a matter of weeks I will get on a plane with my parents and fly to Congo to go pick up a sweet little girl I now call my sister!

Though I am excited, tickled, and jumping for joy I have to be honest in saying that I am also extremely nervous. Most of it stems from feeling very ill prepared! Even buying all the things we need for Ida (like hm, clothes!) my whole family has lagged on because we thought for sure we would have to wait longer than we had first anticipated, we thought more than likely we wouldn't travel till December.... also I am traveling with my parents and going to Congo while at the same time studying to graduate High School and enter into college! I take my graduating test on the 20th of next moth..... right around the time we could be leaving! I may just have to put it off a couple of months but I'm hoping I will be able to do it right before we leave....

Well anyway, I am nervous about all the things Maida will need when she gets here but we also have a BIG need in getting to her.WE. ARE. SO. CLOSE! But we have an URGENT need! We still need to raise $5000 before we go, that's $5000 in just a few weeks! Please help! $5, $10, $20, $50, anything you can do would help! Buy a box of candy bars! We have 6 boxes left! They are $96 a box, we will ship them to you for free, all you have to do is go to my mom's blog and click on the donate button. We are running out of time! Tell your friends and ask them to go to the blog. Be a part of a real orphan's story of coming home!

P.S. Sorry guys, I know it's been a good while since I've posted! Hopefully once things settle down a bit I will get better :) For now here is a photo of sweet little Ida (One of the firsts of her actually smiling!)