Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Mother's Day

I know that Father's Day has now gone and passed but I still have yet to post about Mother's Day! I've had it ready and written for a while, I just haven't gotten around to hitting that "publish" button. Talk about lazy! Anyway, here it is :) 

We got up early Mothers Day morning (all of us trying to look nice for the occasion) and had a nice morning at church and then headed to Newport beach for the day, just us girls, my mom, and grandma. 

 This is also Maida's first time at the beach. She was so excited. 

My lovely grandma with the littles before we headed out :) 

Walking on the pier. 

Trying to look at the camera without squinting :). I love these girls! 

When we finally got down to the sandy part of the beach Maida was just completely mesmerized. She'd never seen so much sand in her life! She was pretty sure that she was going to fall through the ground, haha.
After a little bit though she was fine and was galavanting around, totally loving it! 

These two were just so cute that day, we all ended taking a ton of pictures of them. 

Maida also had never seen kelp before and really didnt want anything to do with it. Big sister Bella showed her that it was ok. 
She eventually warmed up to that as well. 

Some of the big ones :) 

Bella loves her California beaches!

Discovering the ocean. 

Happy girl! 

My mom wanted to get a picture of all of her kids, sadly though my brother couldn't be there that day. Sevi will (Lord willing!) be here with us next Mothers Day to share in all this fun and love. 

True sisters, no matter how they came to be. 

Now for some flashback photos! Me with my mama when I was just a wee one

I love my mom so much and am so proud of her and so thankful for raising me to love Christ, to love my family, to love to play, and to learn. I hope one day I can be just 1/100th of a woman and a mother that my mom is. 
Love you mom!