Tuesday, January 10, 2012

The Call to Act

For about two years now the North Korean people have been laid heavily on my heart, especially the North Korean Christians and orphans. I want to go to the border of China and North Korea and be a missionary there, to help the severely persecuted Christians and also the Children who have defected and ultimately lost their parents but I thought, "Only certain people can do that. Only people who have it all together, who are spiritual superstars can get there." But God has been telling me something different.

Last month I went on my first mission trip with my orchestra to Chile.... it was absolutely amazing! God really used the people there to show me that what I thought before wasn't true at all. God sent ALL His people out. He has a plan for ALL of His children, great and small. He calls us in different ways to different things but I believe the Lord has called my name along side the North Koreans.
I don't know how necessarily, maybe it be to just bring awareness to people right here where I am or maybe He would have me to go. Whatever it is He has in store for me I want it to be just that... What HE has in store for me and not the plans I have made for myself.

I think maybe someday I'll write a longer post about how this all came to be and also my experiences in Chile, but for now I want to share with you all a short story I wrote last year.
It's called:   

My name is Nobody, I am nothing years old, my parents' names are Gone and Absent and I live in Nowhere.

I wonder the streets of Nowhere, looking for crumbs that the Others drop at their feet. I pass one of Them, they beat me, but no one cares. I am Nobody. My body sways and falls my hair, once dark, is now light, my naked feet bleed till they're numb, but who cares? I am Nobody.

I see some sneaking behind the trees and into the bushes, I follow behind. 
We cross over Wetness, keeping low to the ground but Some is too slow, we see Them coming. Some runs but with a bang is still forever. I stand and look. They grab my hair and pull me out of Wetness. They drag me to Torment and throw me into Sorrow with Some’s and Others. My bones ache, my stomach pleads, does someone care? I am Nobody.

Darkness comes, and then Lighter Dark, I see Them come into the room; They grab my arm, shoving me out. They make me work in Relentless with Others and Somes and strike me if I don’t. They come and send me back to Sorrow. It goes on, but no one will care. I am Nobody.

Chilly sweeps through Sorrow as if trying to bring some comfort, but I much rather have been visited by Warmth. I do not feel my toes or fingers anymore but They continue to make me work in Relentless.

Today another Other has Passed, They come and drag him out. Something falls out of Others hand. I run and pick it up. I turn it over in my hands. It is small, black, and looks insignificant but I can feel Warmth spread through my finger tips. This is Something.

When Darkness comes I sit on the cold ground and take out Something from where I had hidden it. I open it and look inside. Something is filled with Warmth and also a thing I have never heard of before, Happiness. There are also Them in Something and there is Anguish, but there is also Someone. Someone is in
Something and He is Good and Light. I want Someone in me too, but does He care? I am Nobody.

I close Something and start to lower my cold heavy body to the ground, but a voice stops me.

“Nobody, Do you want me to fill you with Warmth, and Strength, and Light? Do you want me to protect you and keep you? Come Nobody, will you let me in?” I did not see Someones face, but I felt Someones presence. “Will you come into Nobody?” I ask. “Will you protect and keep Nobody?” I hear a sigh from Someone. “Nobody, Someone cares, I care.” Dampness falls from my eyes Yes!” I say. “Then,” says Someone, “You are no longer Nobody, you are Somebody and you belong to Me.”

I see Someone standing outside of Sorrow. “Come.” He says to me. The doors open.
He is waiting for me. I walk up to the doors but stop, afraid. “What if They get me? What if They find me? Help me! I can not do this alone.” So Someone reaches out and pulls me out of Sorrow. He takes my hand and leads me through
Relentless, and then He guilds me to the gateway of Torment.
“I can not go through!” I tell Him, “I can not make it. I am Nobody.” Someone picks me up and holds me in His arms. “You are not Nobody, you are Somebody. You are Somebody in Me and I will carry you out.” Someone began to walk forward and He carried me out of Torment, and He carried me out of Nowhere, and He brought me to Somewhere and led me through the gates of Splendor into the kingdom of Eternity.

“You are Somebody.” He said. “And you belong to Me.”

My name Is Kim Suna, I am twelve years old, My parents name's are Kim Yoona and
Kim Chun sul, and I am a North Korean. Jesus took me and brought me home to
My name Is Kim Suna and I am Somebody in Christ.