Saturday, March 1, 2014


Ok, so I have procrastinated for to long now! Here is the much overdue update on Sevi and the family in general :)

Sevi is adjusting extremely well! She literally fit in as soon as she walked through the door. She and Bella are literally inseparable and Maida loves having her here (in fact I think after Sevi got home Maida started using more Lingala again ^^).

All the girls got dressed up in traditional Congolese clothes (we brought them home with us, all handmade!) the next Sunday after Sevi got home for church.

She is also very smart and has picked up on school quickly. She had never been to school while she lived in Congo so she was excited to start up. She is doing very well in math and is starting to get reading down too!

Sevi has also learned how to ride a bike!
A lot of people often talk about how scary adopting older children can be and all the potential problems that could arise. We were one of them, we didn't know how it would be even though we had already met Sevi previously. We had worry's and concerns, and I'll be honest it is hard at times. She has so much history that we don't know, so much time where we didn't know her, and adjusting to another almost grown person in the house who already has their own opinions and personality can be a challenge. But are so glad we did it and we have just loved it and loved having her here and are so glad she is in our family. We love getting to know her, about her life before, her spunky and often funny personality. There are hard times but the good definitely out weigh them :)

We got some good picture when we went on a family outing to an apple orchard back in November
All the girls :)


They are all such beautiful little girls!
The bigs goofing around with the littles

Sevi pretending to push mom over the side :)
Maida playing with her Mama
And then Thanksgiving came and went..
We went down to my brothers' in laws for thanksgiving. Our grandparents and aunt also were there. It was just an awesome time. Sevi couldn't believe all the food she saw. She asked if we did thanksgiving everyday, haha

These two :)
My beautiful Mom, Grandma, and Aunt

Finally, all the kids together!
Family Photo

The littles with big brother
After our Thanksgiving dinner we all went out to take a walk through the beautiful dessert
And even had a bon fire. Sevi started up the bon fire singing and with that our first Thanksgiving with Sevi (ad second with Maida) was over.
Then came Christmas! Sevi had been waiting for this holiday since the day she came home, haha.
Christmas morning
And then after that it has just been being a family together, getting into our new groove, and learning more and loving each other more everyday



We love you Sevi! We are loving having you as part of our family and can't wait to spend and share the rest of our lives together with you!