Thursday, January 23, 2014

Too Cute Not to Share

I know part two of my last post is overdue (I am working on it, I am...somewhat...) but this was too cutenot to share!

Sevi's best friend from Congo's family is selling these adorable dresses to raise funds to bring their daughter home, so yesterday we took the littles over to their house to do a photoshoot with their daughters. The dresses were too cute, and the girls in them were even cuter :)

Maida has grown so much since coming home a year ago (almost a foot!) and is morphing into quite the beautiful young lady. She is also usually the life of the party :)

This girl is so sweet! Bella always jumps at the oportunity to help out (or give hugs!) and is quick to whisper little "I love you"'s in your ear as she passes by.

Sevi just radiates beauty (especially that smile of hers)! She a is kind, energetic, and caring young girl. She and Bella have become the best of friends. It is such a blessing seeing their bond. You will hardly ever see one without the other :)

I'm so lucky to call these girls my little sisters! 

If you would like some of these cute pillowcase dresses (an many other adorable things) please visit my friends Facebook page: 

P.S. I think she's having a giveaway soon ;)