Friday, April 26, 2013

A Lot Going On Here

Hey everyone! Here is my much needed update on everything thats been going on here lately.

So a couple of Saturdays ago my family (well three of my sisters, including Maida, my mom and I) ran a 5k to help our friends, the Weavers, bring home their little girl home from the Congo (remember Sevi's friend I told you about?)

This is most of us who made up the team. As it was in Hollywood (we dont live to close to Hollywood) we had to get up at 3:30am to make it to the race before it started at 6:00am.
The Weaver Family
Maida (who was our mascot ^^) slept pretty much the whole race


This was our group picture after the race. We all had a lot of fun :)
After the race we dropped my younger sister Tia off at my brother and sister-in-laws house to spend a few days with them and our niece (see how well shes watching her, lol)
          And then my niece came to our house for a few days.             

...these two certainly have fun together and like getting in trouble too. Do you see their guilty faces?
We also got to have some old friends come over for a catch up/music day. We had lots of fun and all went and got to watch a concert together.
My two older sisters (Dominique is on the left and Kat is on the right) and I used to go out together all the time, to the library (our favorite place!), the mall, or a park, but as we have gotten older we have had less oppotunities to have our girl time. The other day we were blessed with having no school or work, at the same time! So we took hold of the time we had and got to go out together 

When we moved last year from L.A. we brought all of our animals with us, one of them being our two year old cat, Tristen. We were told to keep him (he was an in door out door cat) inside for two weeks before we let him out so he could get use to the house and always know where it was. Well we kept him in for over a month, just to be safe. About two weeks after we let him out though he didnt comeback :( We loved him very much and he was such a good cat. We were all sad and heartbroken, not wanting another cat because we knew we coudn'r replace him. Well, a year later (we still miss him) my mom said she thought it was time we got a kitten again (two this time!). Meet Charlie (left) and Phoebe (right)!

After my mom and I got home from Congo we missed being there a lot and eating the food. One day when we were out and about near our home we found a small resturaunt that looked tasty. When we went inside and tried some of the food my mom and I squealed with joy. They used many of the spices and same kinds of food that they had in Congo. It has now become my mom and my new little place to eat :)

Ok last picture ^^. My mom, Tia, and Bella wanted to get out some water colors and pastels and do a craft together. I thought it was so cute I had to share! Didn't they do a good job?
Sorry everything was so random today, I just thought i'd give a little update on what going on here in our day to day life. I will try to get a post up about all the happanings with Sevi tomorrow (lots of stuff happaning there!)










Monday, April 22, 2013

Thank you!

I haven't really gotten the chance to sit down and blog this week and keep you guys updated on whats going on and about our Give1 Save1 fundraiser (sorry!) but I just wanted to do a little update before I go to bed. Tonight (about thirty minutes ago actually) marked the last day of our fundraiser. I just wanted to take a moment and thank everyone who donated, shared, or helped in anyway. By the end of tonight we raised a little over $800! Thank you guys so much! We still have a ways to go yet and our journey is certainly far from over but it is just so awesome to know that there are people out there, people I don't even know, who are praying and supporting my family in our adoption. It keeps us going and gives us courage so THANK YOU :)

I think I said it a couple posts ago but there has been a lot if things going on here other than just this fundraiser including an update on Sevi (good news and disheartening news) and some fun things going on here at home, so hopefully I'll get those long overdue posts up sometime this week, but for now enjoy one of our new pictures of our Sevi girl :)

P.S. The little girl on her back is also her best friend who is being adopted by a family (now our friends) just ten minutes away from my house!

Monday, April 15, 2013

Give1 Save1

So there has been a lot happening here recently and a lot I need to catch up on, but today is something so special it needs to have its own post.

Our family has been excepted into a program called Give1 Save1. Give1 Save1 is a team of bloggers who have come together to blog and help bring in funds for adoptive families. Each week they have a featured family they advocate for and raise funds for and this week our family was chosen to be the featured family! Their whole logo (Give1 Save1) means to give $1 to save 1 child. Pretty neat right?
For this to have a big impact and to do well we have to share share SHARE about it to all of our friends and family, friends of friends, acquaintances, strangers... You get the idea :)

Help our family by:
1. Going to
2. Clicking on the African continent
3. Scroll down (if necessary) and click on the post titled "Meet this weeks family" or scroll down to the tags and click on "meet this weeks family".
4. Read our story and watch the video
5. Donate $1
6. Share with your family, friends, friends of friends, acquaintances....etc :)

Will you Give $1 to Save 1 and help bring our Sevi girl home?

A year ago today

A year ago today we saw Maida's sweet face for the first time. It was Easter morning and we were all getting ready for church. My mom was not expecting an email anytime soon about a referral (we actually thought we had quite some time yet) and there was no other reason for her to get on the computer and check her mail, but that's exactly what she did.

The first email in her inbox was from our agency and was titled "Happy Easter"!" My mom was sure it was just a generic email they sent out but opened it anyway. She was rewarded with "IT"S A  GIRL!" Written in bold text with an attachment of her referral photo (plus a few).

We were all so excited that we not only got to celebrate the resurrection of our Lord Jesus Christ, but also the addition of a new daughter and sister!

I can't believe it has already been a year, a year since this girl entered our lives from an ocean away and now we will get to spend many many more years together, growing together as family and sisters. I heart you Maida!
Yaya Gabby