Tuesday, October 30, 2012


Yes, we are finally leaving to go pick up little M in Congo! My mom and I were actually supposed to leave today but because of hurricane Sandy our flight was changed to tomorrow. I can honestly say we needed the extra day to better prepare all of our belongings, the family we are leaving behind, and, to be honest, better prepare our hearts for the days and weeks coming.

 We will leave early tomorrow morning, make our way across the states to DC, and from there to Brussels, and then finally from Brussels to Kinshasa! We will arrive in Kinshasa on Thursday night and get to (finally!) meet Maida on Friday!

It has been a very long journey thus far, and it's not over yet. Keep our family in your prayers as we move into this new chapter of our lives. I will try and update when I can (I hear the Wifi in Kinshasa isn't all that reliable)

Untill later,

Gabby :)