Friday, March 29, 2013

First Birthday in America!

Maida had lots of fun last Saturday! She got all dressed up and her nails painted, and then she headed to the park before dinner with our older sister Dominique so that the rest of us could get the house all decorated for her as a surprise.

I couldn't pick which photo's to choose from so I just posted all the ones I like instead of piking a few (sorry!). If your not in the mood for a plethora of photo's, I would stop here.

She picked a blue polish with gold flowers for me to paint her nails with. Pretty good tastes for a three year old if you ask me.


Some of us girls made a sign for her.
Getting everything all set up.
My mom, step dad, and three of my sisters (my brother and other sister couldn't make it) is what made up our small party. Just immediate family for this birthday, but next birthday, now that's a different story.... :)


Cake eating time! Because we actually have so many birthdays in February and March all of us at this point were pretty tired of cake (eating it, making it, eating more...etc) so we did something a little different and actually bought an ice cream cake. 

Our cutie about to open her first present.

She loves these pajama's (especially cuz they are a matching set with Bella's)

She loved her princess hat and fairy wings.

Sorry for the dark pictures, our dining room has terrible lighting.
Her very first swimsuit!
She also LOVES her new Lalaloopsy dress :)
 They are trying to figure out how to get Maida's balloon from the ceiling back into her hand :)She had a ball playing with the balloons with Bella.

Mama helping her put her new shoes on. This girl is crazy about flip flops!

Her birthday present from Yaya Tia

You see the card that's kinda in the picture in front of Maida? Well, despite all the clothes and new toys and cake, this was her favorite thing of the night!
Frogs are one of the only animals that Maida remembers right now on a daily basis in English. She likes frogs quite a bit, although she has never been in close proximity to one.

So...We got her a frog card that sings happy birthday while croaking .... none of us knew what her first reaction to it would be..... this is what we got :)

I don't know if you can see her face but she was both startled and speechless. She could not figure out what in the world it was. After about five second though, her facial features changed to this:

:) She now opens her "frog book" all day long.
It was a good day and one I am glad the Lord blessed us with in being able to share such precious moments with this cutie girl.
Until next time,

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