Thursday, March 21, 2013

Photo Update

I don't have much to say today. There is nothing particularly special going on, nothing really noteworthy, but I do have a lot of photos that have been filling up my phone that need to be shared :)
Warning! Some ridiculously cute pictures are to follow, proceed at your own discretion ;)

 Tia helping Maida put on her shoes and getting all ready for church. 

One of Maida's favorite pastimes (along with my six year old sister, Bella) is to try everything that belongs to our mom on.
Silly girl :)
She also likes to imitate all her older sisters in playing instruments :) Her favorite ones to play are the violin and harmonica.
I think we have a bit of a fashionista on our hands!
Last Saturday we helped a friend with their adoption yard sale to help bring home their little girl (She is from the same orphanage Maida came from and is a very close friend of Sevi's!).
A couple days ago my mom the three younger girls and I went out to get some things for our garden.

And this is what happens when the little sister is tired of Yaya (big sister) Gabby taking pictures and Yaya Bella nagging at her to stand still and smile.
It's neat to see this two grow closer as sisters, they are not always the best to each other (just being honest) but each day improvements are being made and they are growing closer and closer together.
Sevi, your family is waiting for you and can't wait to take pictures with you and to watch you learn and grow with us as a family.
We are coming to get you as fast as we can.

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